Everything You Need To Know About Kilt – Complete Guide To Kilt

When you hear the word “Kilt” your mind probably goes directly to Europe, right? Well, if that’s what you thought as well then I’m sorry but it’s not totally correct. The kilt is the traditional dress of Scotland and not the entire Europe. A kilt is a skirt like clothing that wraps around the wearer’s waist. A kilt is also known to be the main part of a Highland Dress and another main part of a Highland Dress is Plaid, which is just rectangular piece of fabric worn over the shoulder.

Mostly the Kilts and plaids are made from Tartan fabric which if you are not familiar with is a cross-checked pattern. The kilt is worn on a regular basis in the British Isles rather than on special events. The British Army uses Highland dress as their uniform for Scottish regiments.

KILT REVIEW – Everything to Know About Kilt!

So here are the things that you should know about our kilt and should definitely consider following.

History of the kilt

The kilt history goes way back in time. It was first appeared during the 16th Century and is Gaelic in origin. The first ever kilt was a full-length clothing whose upper half could also be worn over the shoulder. So, over time there were changes in the design of the kilt and in around 1720’s, a guy named Thomas Rawlinson invented Modern Kilt which was also known as small kilt. He thought that the Kilt and the belted plaid was “cumbrous and unwieldy”, so he decided to separate them both and convert it into a distinct piece of clothing. After some time, his associate named Iain MacDonnell who was the chief of the MacDonnels of Inverness, also started wearing his kilt. When the clansmen saw them both wearing their new modern kilts, they also started wearing them too and from there it spread like wild fire among the Highlanders and even the Northern Lowlanders.

In around 1792, the people in the Britain who wanted to wear the kilt had to join the British Army in order to do so. The kilt is a great piece of clothing as it allowed the wearer to move freely and especially in the damp weather of the Highlands of Scotland. During the war in the Scotland, the pleat on the kilt would help protect the soldier like an armor. Since the kilt was easy to remove, people would spread them out at night to create a blanket to stay warm.

Kilt Construction

Usually kilt features seven to nine yards of tartan and it is wrapped and folded around the waist of the wearer. On the back, it features around 12 knife pleats and the front section which is also known as Apron, features two overlapping fabrics.

The genuine tartan fabric features an edge which makes up with the hem. It is crucial to note down the measurements of hip and waist when finding out the pleats size. An ideal kilt length begins from the waist till the middle of the knee. A blind stitch is used to keep the pleats in their place and quilting thread is also used since it is pretty strong. To finish the kilt, some decorations are added like lining, buckles and leather straps. It is believed that a real handmade kilt will last for a very long period of time.

Modern Kilt

Modern Utility Kilt is a knee-length piece of clothing for men which is usually worn by the people of Scotland and some Irish decent. It is the national dress of Scotland, however the modern kilt is a little different than the traditional Highlanders one. The original kilt was a piece of clothing that could be wrapped around the waist and then thrown over the shoulder.

On the other hand, the modern kilt is a tailored piece of clothing that comes with fixed pleats. It is made from wool fabric material. The wool fabric is pleated on the back and flat on the front forming an apron. The modern kilt also comes with a leather belt to be worn around the waist and a small bag on the front which is also known as sporran.

Nowadays, Modern Kilts are becoming popular because of their unique style and comfort. As they are a traditional item, they are mostly used during the Scottish cultural events.

How To Take Care Of Your Kilt

With proper care of your kilt, it can easily last for a very long time. So, here I’ve shared some steps for you to take care of your kilt. So, without wasting another minute let’s get straight to it.

If you live in Scotland then I’m hoping you’d know the fact that it rains a lot in Scotland. And if you happen to be in a situation where it rained and you had your kilt on. So, don’t worry just follow the below given steps to make sure your precious kilt doesn’t get damaged.

Mostly kilts are made from Wool fabric and you probably know that when it gets wet it catches rot and mildew. To stop rot and mildew, you have to lay your kilt openly for couple of hours or maybe overnight. Once the kilt is fully dried you can put it back to your wardrobe.

The next thing that can ruin a kilt is rips and tears. You have to be very careful when wearing a kilt. Mostly the rips and tears on a kilt comes from the incorrect usage of the kilt pin. So, I will suggest you to be careful and the kilt pin is only used for the top apron. Remove your kilt pin as softly and smoothly as possible.

Another thing that can provide harm to your kilt is insects. There are countless people whose kilts were ruined by moths. So, to keep your kilt safe from insects, you can simply use a storage chest and store your kilt in it along with a bag of chedar in it. Make sure to check your kilt once in a month to any signs of infestation. Mostly people don’t check their kilts and when they open it after years, it’s usually eaten and ruined by insects.

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