What Are Kilt Pins?

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If you are wondering about what is a kilt pin then you just landed on the right page. Kilt pins are just decorative pins that are made from chrome-plated zinc material. They are the way of describing your style and also add a little signature touch to your entire traditional outfit.

If you still don’t understand them then don’t worry as we’re going to explain them to you in the next paragraph.

Kilt Pins

You might think of kilt pins as just a little piece of accessory that is used for nothing but style but let me tell you that you are completely wrong! The kilt pin is used to add weight to the edge of the kilt that keeps it firm and stops it from blowing or moving around. Make sure not to pin both layers of kilt fabric in order to keep your kilt closed will ruin your kilt.

Now, you know about what is a kilt pin, now you might be wondering about how do I wear it with my kilt. Well, don’t worry as I’m going to explain that to you too!

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Now, there are some ethics of wearing a kilt pin that you should follow. You should only pin the outer layer of your kilt fabric with your Kilt Pin and at the right hand side bottom. Typically, it should be around 2 to 3 inches away from the edge of the kilt and the bottom. You can alter the position to your liking but it is necessary that it is around the corner or else your kilt’s apron will blow away by the wind.

When wearing a kilt pin with a tartan kilt, you should try to do experiments with the placement. You can either place it adjacent with a stripe or maybe at the intersection of the stripes.

There are also kilt pins that features different clan symbols. Usually, kilt pins are a way to showcase your personal interests in specific things. As far as the pricing goes for the kilt pins, you will find both expensive and cheap ones depending upon the quality and rarity of the pin.


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