How To Clean Your Kilt The Right Way

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Kilt is an iconic piece of clothing that is famous all around the globe. Many people when they hear the word “Scotland”, their first thoughts are kilts and highland festivals. The reason why kilts are so popular is that they have a very rich and deep history that dates back to the late 16th century.

Many people that purchases kilts, they simply want to use it for as long as possible before it completely fades away. Today, we’re going to share with you the proper way of taking care of your kilt. By using our methods and techniques your kilt will keep looking amazing for a very long period of time.

So, below we’re going to share with you some proper ways of cleaning your kilt.

How To Clean Your Kilt

Let’s start off with how to clean your kilt in case of a spillage. Make sure not to rub the spot rather dab using a clean piece of cloth. In case it doesn’t work for you. Try using the below steps.

If you’re kilt is made from cotton material then congratulations as your kilt can be washed at home. Make sure to wash it at 30 degrees along with a liquid detergent. Use a little spin and also make sure that the straps are tied before throwing the kilt in the machine.

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Or if your kilt is a traditional Scottish Tartan Kilt made from Wool fabric then the spillage might be difficult to remove at home. However, wool material repels dirt and so is easy to take care of but in case of a spillage, the perfect thing will be to hand it over to a cleaning company. You can select any cleaner company of your choice but make sure that they know what they are doing.

How To Iron Your Kilt

Ironing is something that’s not too important for kilts. If there are any small creases on your kilt then chances are that they are going to go away by themselves after being hanged for few days. If you do want to do it anyway then below are given some crucial steps that can help you in ironing your kilt.

For kilts that are made from cotton, make sure to cool the iron down first and then slowly iron on the inner side of the fabric. Align the pleats properly and make sure that they don’t fall off of the ironing board. You could use a helping hand when ironing your kilt.

And for wool, you should set the iron to steam and place the apron on the board. After that, make sure to use an ironing cloth over the wool fabric in order to protect it from burning. Continue by placing the iron on the cloth lightly, don’t do it hard or you will ruin your kilt. You should never iron the wool fabric on the right side as it may leave shiny marks behind.

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As for the pleats, they usually don’t require any ironing or so. If you do feel the need then have a professional do the job.


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