Advantages of Wearing a Utility Kilt

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Utility kilt is a branch of the kilt that is well known for its through-the-roof comfort and reliability. It is pretty common misconception that Utility Kilts are only made for specific events. Well, let me tell you one thing, they are not! They are not meant for special events, or occasions but rather for everyday use. Many people wear them to their workplace because of their super-comfortable and durable properties.

They can provide great comfort and durability that cannot be found in any other type of kilt. That is the reason why many people prefer Utility Kilts for everyday wear and wear them to their jobs too. There are countless advantages of having a Utility Kilt but we are not going to write a lengthy post that you might read halfway and leave. So, we’re going to keep it concise and only list the most important advantages of having Utility Kilts.

Perfect For Summers

Utility Kilt is a perfect dress to wear on a hot and sunny day. Their unique design and structure make them perfect to have, regardless if you’ve a field job or an office job. They help you stay cool and chilly while everyone else is sweating hard in their pants or jeans. It not only protects you from the scorching sun but also provides you with a level of comfort that you won’t find in normal pants.

The reason why they are so light and comfortable is because they are made from cotton material, which is why they are very light weight compared to the ones that are made from wool material. Wool tends to be a lot hotter and heavier than cotton. A kilt made out of wool is good for winters but terrible for hot summers.

Better Movement

Utility Kilts not only provide you with comfort, but they also offer freedom of movement. In simple words, it provides you with easy movement than pants. Using pants, you are more like trapped, and can’t perform certain movements, but that’s not the case with kilts because with them you get the freedom of movement that feels amazing and comfortable. This freedom of movement comes in very handy especially if your work requires manual labor.


Another great advantage of having utility kilt is its very strong durability. The utility kilt is the most durable type of kilt available out there. You can wear them wherever you like and you don’t have to worry about getting it ripped or teared apart. It is also a primary reason why many people prefer Utility Kilts over any other type of kilts.

No Shortage of Pockets

Typically, traditional Scottish kilt comes without any pockets at all but with Utility kilts you don’t have to worry about it because you are going to get a bunch of pockets and various compartments that can easily store all of your stuffs. They usually contain more pockets than pants. These extra number of pockets come in very handy for storing various supplies, especially if you wear them to work. The utility kilt also comes with a belt that allows you to attach different tools like hammers and many other.

Utility kilts offer ton of advantages and above mentioned were just few of them. If you are looking to get a new kilt for everyday wear then you should definitely checkout our collection of custom made Utility Kilts. They not only provide comfort and durability but also are very affordable than traditional Wool Scottish Kilts.

I, myself wear Utility Kilts everyday and prefer them over any other type of kilt. However, I do wear traditional kilts to various Scottish culture-centered events and I do like them but they are not as comfy and you can’t wear them for too long. On the other hand, Utility kilts are the complete opposite. You can also wear utility kilts to any formal event but make sure to get yourself a nice Prince Charlie Jacket to accompany with.

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