Everything You Need To Know About Irish Kilts

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Many people think that Irish people don’t wear kilts but that’s completely wrong! They have been wearing kilts for long time now but certainly not as long as the Scottish people. The people of Ireland have been wearing kilts for around the past 100 years while the Scottish kilts have some serious history that dates back around 300 years old!

During the 11th century, Irish people used to wear a large piece of clothing that was known as “Lein-croich”. It was like a blanket that were bundled up and then threw over the body, and they were naked underneath. Additionally, there are paintings that depict the traditional Irish dress.

The kilt was first worn in Ireland in around 1910, by a bunch of students and faculty of a school in Ireland. The founder of the school was Patrick Pierce, he was known as an Irish patriotic. His main motive was to spread the Gaelic culture and Gaelic Revival, which is known as the traditional language. They gave the kilts as a uniform to all the dance students studying in the school.

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You might think that the color of the first kilt wore in Ireland was green. But it was not the color of the kilts was blue and they were worn by the Irish nationalists. Here’s an interesting fact, during the World War I, the Irish soldiers that were helping the British army decided to use Saffron Kilt as their national dress for parade and pipe bands and the tradition is strictly followed to this date.

Irish Tartans

There are a bunch of beautiful Irish tartans out there. There are different tartans for different counties in Ireland. Even though the tartans are unofficial but they still hold a lot of value for the people. There are also some families that have their own tartans and then there are the universal tartans that are worn by Irish people living in any part of the country.

Most Irishmen wear their kilts on Saint Patrick’s Day to fully enjoy the festival. The traditional Irish county tartans are only available in 100% Wool, which can cause quite a bit of a hassle. While the Irish universal tartans are made from Poly-viscose material which isn’t only affordable but also very comfortable to wear. Here at KiltZone, we have a lot of Irish kilts that you can pick your favorite from. Our kilts are 100% custom-made and high quality that you won’t find anywhere else.


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