What Does 5 or 8 Yard Kilt Means?

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If you’re a new lad and just starting out with kilts then you might have heard other people talking about 5 yard or 8 yard kilts. If you don’t know what they mean and what’s the difference between them then don’t worry as we are going to show you that today. It’s a very common question that is mostly asked by young lads or by people who haven’t wore a custom-made kilt in their life.

The main difference between those yards is basically the amount of used fabric. You might think that how much of a difference could this bring to a kilt but in reality it does affect the appearance of your kilt. See the next paragraph to learn more about how do different yards change the appearance of a kilt.

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Let’s first start off with the weight of the kilt. A kilt which is made from 5 yards fabric will be around 37% lighter than the one that is made from 8 yards fabric. However, the weight value is not fixed as it fluctuates for every different tartan.

Another way of telling the difference between them is by looking at the pleats. The 5 and 8 yards kilt will look like the same on the front but the on the back the real difference unravels. The back of an 8 yard kilt will feature more pleats than the 5 yard kilt. The reason simply being that the kilt maker had to use all of the fabric and that’s why it features more pleats than the 5 yard one.

Which One To Pick? 5 or 8 Yard Kilt

Now, you may be thinking about which one to pick, 5 yards or 8 yards kilt? Well, in order to decide which one to wear, you will have to think where you will be wearing it. A 5 yard kilt is perfect for everyday use or wearing it to work because of its light weight.

However, if you are looking for more of a traditional Scottish kilt then 8 yards will be your way to go. Because the traditional Scottish kilts were originally made from 8 yards of wool fabric. And if you are looking for tradition then 8 yards is the perfect choice for your next kilt.

Last but not least, the price difference between them. You may have guessed it already and let me tell you that your guess is correct! The 5 yard kilt is cheaper than the 8 yard kilt. However, if you are looking for an 8 yard kilt then KiltZone have awesome range of kilts that are both high quality and affordable. Make sure to take a look at our kilt’s collection to see how great our prices are compared to our competitors.


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