What is a Sporran?

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Sporran is basically a part of the traditional highland dress. The main use of the Sporran is to act as an alternative to pockets or wallets to store your stuff. It hangs a little under the waist and can be used along side a leather strap. The sporran is made from fur or leather material, it depends that which material you like the most and it also comes with both materials leather and fur to make it look more stylish and unique.

The sporrans were originally worn during the old wars to help carry required items. Apart from being so helpful to store all of your stuffs, it also act as a piece of decoration. Sporrans features various style sets, few features embroidery and few features tassels, it’s really a matter of choice.

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Why Sporrans Have Tassels?

The reason why sporrans have three tassels is because it is known to look that way in the past. Therefore, many sporrans that you see features either three or more tassels. They don’t just look awesome but also allows you to carry your Scottish tradition with pride.

Back in the days, sporrans used to look like rabbit-haired or made from different animal hairs like horses, foxes, rabbits, etc. Many of them features three big tassels and flap tops. Nowadays, you can also get sporrans that are made from real rabbit or horse’s hair. Tassels aren’t just used for decorative uses, they also intend to serve a very important purpose. Tassels enables us to differentiate between various sporrans. The full dress sporran features three or more tassels and they also come with a metal design.

On the other hand, semi-dress sporrans are made from fur material and they also features three tassels. These tassels aren’t supposed to be worn for everyday use. They are rather used for special occasions like highland games, wedding ceremonies and other formal events. These tassels enhances the beauty of the sporran. Sporrans are incomplete without them. Sporran is a must-have accessory to wear with the kilt. If you don’t have one then you can look at our collection of Sporrans. Our sporrans are high quality and made from real fur.

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