How Kilt Rentals Are Ripping You Off

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Kilts are becoming very famous right now. Many people are wearing kilts nowadays and not only to Celtic festivities but also to other famous events. Kilts are becoming a fashion icon because of their unique design.

Because of such a high demand of kilts, many people tend to go to kilt rentals so that they can rent out a kilt for a day or so. You might think it’s a great idea to save a lot of money by renting a kilt instead of buying one. You’re only going to wear it once why buy it when you can rent it. At first, it might sound like an awesome idea but it’s too good to be true. In most of the cases, it’s far more to buy a kilt rather than renting it. You might won’t agree with our opinion but we’ve our reasons and they are given right below this paragraph.

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Why Renting Kilts Is Not A Good Option

When you go to a kilt rental company to rent a kilt, you will usually spend somewhere between $70 to $100 for a day and if you are going on a 3 Day event or something like that, get ready to pay more! However, you can get a full-fledged kilt for around $55 to $90 from any online kilt store.

Since the rental kilts are ready-made and come in fixed sizes. You might not even find a one that fits your body perfectly. Having a loose or too tight kilt won’t look and feel good but that’s not the case with the custom-made kilts as they are built around your given measurements so that they look perfect on you.

Typically, when you rent a kilt, you won’t receive it until the actual day of the event. And if you do not like the quality, you probably won’t be able to do anything because there will be no time left for you to change/exchange it. When you buy a kilt, you can see it and if you’re not satisfied with the quality, you can return it and get yourself the one that you’re actually looking for.

Last but not least, by purchasing a kilt, you will have a kilt in your closet that you can wear over and over again without the need to pay more.


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