How To Remove Wrinkles From Leather Jacket

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A leather jacket is a good item to have in the wardrobe. In addition to being fashionable and daring, leather jackets are quite warm, making them useful during winter weather. Since leather is a valuable and delicate material, it is important to take care of it properly. If you have wrinkles in your leather jacket, take your time to remove them properly. If you don’t, you can permanently damage your jacket.

Step 1

Hang your leather jacket. It can wrinkle and fold if it is folded for long periods of time. You can usually solve this problem by hanging the jacket on a normal hanger. Since leather is a thick material, it can take several days before wrinkles go away.

Step 2

Put your leather jacket in the bathroom and turn on the hot water. The steam in the shower will help soften the wrinkles of the jacket. Make sure that the water does not fall or spray the jacket, it can damage the leather.

Step 3

Use a handheld vaporizer on the jacket. This will allow you to work in individual areas that are more wrinkled than others. Keep the vaporizer a few centimeters away from the jacket, to avoid condensation of the leather.

Step 4

Iron your leather jacket. Put the iron on a warm temperature and place a thick brown paper bag between the iron and the jacket. This will protect the leather from burns while allowing enough heat to get rid of wrinkles.

Step 5

Store your leather jacket in a special cloth bag for attire. As leather needs to breathe, storing the jacket in a plastic bag can create wrinkles.

Step 6

Take your leather jacket to a professional cleaner. Since leather is so expensive, it is worth it to be cleaned by a professional. Most likely, you will vaporize the jacket to clean it and remove wrinkles.

How To Keep a Leather Jacket Perfect

Leather jackets are always in fashion but they are expensive. If you receive a gift or buy one, you want it to look good for many years. If a leather jacket is not maintained properly and with the right supplies, then it can start to look worn very quickly, and eventually develop cracks and tears. A few simple steps can help your jacket retain all its beauty, fragrance and softness of new leather.

Apply the leather conditioner. Using a soft, lint-free cloth, apply a small amount of conditioner and rub the leather in a circular motion. Be careful not to put too much, as a little reaches for a large area. Clean the excess conditioner and repeat until the entire surface has been treated. Apply the leather conditioner on your jacket when it is new, and then several more times a year. Leather conditioners and creams can be found in stores that sell leather goods. Do not use oils from animals, such as mink oil, as this will darken the leather.

Protect your jacket from water and sun. Moisture damages the leather causing ugly spots and stiffness. If your jacket gets wet hang it in a dry place and let it air dry naturally. Do not be tempted to speed up the drying process using a hairdryer or a radiator as this could damage the leather. Do not expose your jacket to direct sunlight for extended periods of time.

How to take care of your leather jackets

Remove stains from suede

For rough leather, Rausch recommends: “If the stain is fresh, soak up the moisture with a paper towel without rubbing.” You should not clean dry stains and dirt wet. “This usually creates stain edges,” says the leather expert. Rausch therefore recommends contacting a specialist in the case of stains that cannot be removed.

Can you machine wash leather jackets?

If the jacket needs basic cleaning, you can also wash the leather jacket in the washing machine. “You need a pH-neutral and moisturizing leather detergent for this,” says Rausch. For applications, the jacket should be turned inside out before washing. “Be sure to follow the washing instructions,” advises the expert. In his experience, most jackets survive washing in the machine. “But if you have spent several thousand euros on the piece, you should have it professionally cleaned,” said Rausch. The expert also recommends specialist cleaning for leather jackets with different colored parts. “Otherwise the colors could bleed out and discolor each other.” Put the good piece in a dry cleaner,

How do you dry a leather jacket after cleaning?

The wet jacket should dry in the air in the shade or with the cold program in the dryer. When the leather is no longer damp, it usually feels stiffer. “I recommend kneading and pulling the jacket through so that it becomes softer again,” said Rausch. “With a motorcycle gear it’s a training session.”

Can you actually iron leather?

Only very carefully, with a dry cloth over it and at medium temperature. First, try the interior trim. If it doesn’t have to be, it is better to stay away from the iron.

Do you have to take care of leather jackets?

Over time, leather loses fat and moisture and becomes dry. For smooth leather jackets, the expert, therefore, advises: “Apply leather grease or oil sparingly on a regular basis.” This also protects the jacket against moisture. Rough leather, on the other hand, should be impregnated, ideally immediately after purchase. But be careful: “Even with impregnation, you shouldn’t wear the jacket in rainy weather,” says Rausch. 

What do I do if I come into the rain with suede?

Never put leather on the heater. Better: hang in the air, but not directly in the sun. The light makes the material hard and brittle and fades the colors. You can rub water stains in the direction of the fibers with a rubber brush.

The correct storage of the leather jacket

“Leather jackets should hang loose,” says Rausch. If the jacket has to be in the suitcase, the expert advises: “Pack it up smoothly and then get it out soon. Otherwise, wrinkles will appear.” To prevent the leather from becoming moldy, the jacket should not be stored in plastic or in the wet basement. And another tip from the expert: “Oiled jackets can stain and should therefore be kept away from light-colored clothing.”

Conclusion: With the right care, leather can withstand the greatest strain. If you want to enjoy your leather jacket for as long as possible, you should take care of it regularly, hang it up properly and do not clean it too often. Because even proper cleaning is a bit of a strain on the leather every time