Everything You Need To Know About Woodwind Instruments

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Woodwind instruments are basically musical instruments that originated from Scottish/Irish culture. These instruments have a rich history and are still used in Scotland and Ireland to celebrate their traditions. People take pride and honor to be able to play these Woodwind instruments.

Believe it or not but the Woodwind instruments hold a record for being the first ever musical instruments in the entire world. The Woodwind instruments used to be made from 100% wood, which you could have guessed by now. But now they come in wood, plastic, metal, and other materials. Back in the old days, people used these instruments as a medium to talk to the dead and cure illness. They believed that the instruments have magic or certain qualities that allow them to do all of these things.

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At first, all these Woodwind instruments were separate and played by different musicians all across the country but as time passed and inventions came they transformed into this all-in-one instrument that is now able to produce complex melodies. Nowadays, you can found these instruments playing traditional melodies to latest music, showing their true love and affection towards the Woodwind instruments.

The Woodwind instruments come with flutes, bagpipes, saxophones, clarinets, oboes, and sometimes they also feature plastic recorders. These instruments are divided into two different types namely, flutes and reed instruments. We are going to learn more about these two types of woodwind instruments in the next paragraph.


You probably would be familiar with Flutes and the melody they make. Flutes are a type of Scottish Woodwind instruments and they are also known as the world’s oldest musical instrument. Flutes don’t use reeds to produce melodies like other Woodwind instruments instead they produce melodies by blowing the air in the direction of holes in the flute. Even though flutes are so old, they are still used in today’s modern music.

Flutes are also divided into two sub-categories namely, open flutes and closed flutes. Few examples of open flutes are transverse flutes, shkuhachi and panpipes. There are many flute musicians in Ireland that uses open flutes. In order to produce a melody using closed flute, the musician would have to blow air into a duct and then it works as a medium that brings air to a sharper edge.

Reed Woodwind Instruments

The second type of Woodwind instruments are the Reed instruments. Unlike flutes, they generate melody by directing air into a mouthpiece which then vibrates the reeds. Similar to flutes, they are also separated into two types, single reed and double reed.

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The Single Reed sound is generated by adding a reed on the mouthpiece and passing the air in between them. The air pressure causes the reed to vibrate and then it produces that unique sound. On the other hand, the Double Reed sound is produced by putting two small pieces of cane together. Then the air will cause it to vibrate between those two reeds hence producing this amazing sound. Both of these types have their own qualities and uniqueness.


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