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Black Asylum Goth Vampire Jacket


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The Black Asylum Goth Vampire Jacket is a great goth jacket with a bunch of buckles and straps. This jacket features two fastening methods, one is with zipper and the second one is with buckles attached with straps. It features five straps on the front with buckles and chrome decorations. It also features a small decorative chrome chain on the collar of the jacket.

On the front of the jacket, you will see that it has a lot of buckles, straps, zippers and other decorative metal parts attached to it. The reason why we added so many metal decorations is because we wanted to give the Goths a jacket that truly represents them.

The jacket features dual fastening, one with the zipper and another one with buckles. Buckles are connected using straps and the jacket features five straps on the front. Each strap features round decorative buttons.

The sleeves of the jacket features rounded cuffs. There is a chain hook on the end of the cuffs for decorative purposes.

Black Asylum Goth Vampire Jacket Features

  • Decorative Straps
  • Dual Fastening
  • Chrome Metal Decorations
  • Neck Hook For Locking

Brand new with tags




Bondage Goth Industries


100% Cotton



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