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Long Military Gothic Jacket With Leather Shoulders


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The Long Military Gothic Jacket With Leather Shoulders is a vintage military inspired jacket or long coat by Punk Rave. It comes with a premium quality woolen like Polyester blend material that is very soft and comfortable. It has a very nice and stylish design and features zipper fastening with military like banding to both sides of the jacket with some decorative buttons.

This jacket also features a highwayman-styled faux leather cape style shoulder. The collars and cuffs both comes in subtle black banding trim that looks really nice and goes well with the design of this jacket. The materials that we used in this jacket are a mixed between Polyester and Cotton with Black Sateen Polyester lining.

On the front of the jacket, you will see that it is an amazingly designed jacket with highwayman styled faux leather cape shoulders. It has decorative chrome buttons on the front that enhances the beauty of this jacket. It also features a cut down the waist which looks really amazing.

This jacket features long and rounded sleeves. The cuffs features a cut with leather straps on it. It features a usual collar just like you see in your everyday shirt. It offers zipper fastening which begins from neck till the waist.

Long Military Gothic Jacket With Leather Shoulders Features

  • Men’s Black Fitted Coat By Punk Rave
  • Polyester & Cotton Material
  • Zipper Closure
  • Polyester Lining
  • Long Sleeves
  • Genuine Punk Rave Merchandise

Military Steampunk Jacket


Cotton & Polyester




Punk Rave

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