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Steampunk Goth Victorian Swallowtail Jacket


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The Steampunk Goth Victorian Swallowtail Jacket is a jacket that comes with a long pointed split tail with adjustable buckles and straps. The jacket features a small cut on the front, right at the waist size. It features single button fastening with some antique goth related buttons given on the front for decoration purposes only. The decorative buttons on the front are six and the cuffs also features six of them.

The jacket also features a hidden pocket under the jacket. The jacket is fully lined with black satin and perfect stitching.

On the front of the jacket, you will see that it is an amazingly designed jacket. It features a short cut at the front which makes it look like a vest. It has six golden decorative buttons on each side of the jacket. It features a single button fastening and tailcoat style collars.

The jacket features long sleeves along with some really nice cuffs. The cuffs of this jacket are upward which looks really great. The back of the jacket features a split tail at the bottom and two straps with golden buckles right above the waist size. The straps on the back are given for proper adjustment and comfort of the jacket.

Steampunk Goth Victorian Swallowtail Jacket Features

  • Unique & Stylish Tailcoat Jacket
  • Golden Decorative Buttons
  • Upward Cuffs
  • Golden Straps & Buckles For Proper Adjustment



100% Cotton





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