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Red Buff Fancy Doublet Piper Jacket With Gold Trim


The Red Buff Fancy Doublet Piper Jacket With Gold Trim is our newest addition to the Scottish Doublets category. This jacket is specially designed for drummers of all kinds. The jacket features golden braiding on the shoulder and the cuffs that goes really great with the design of the jacket. It also comes with gold braided shoulder shells which represents the traditional Scottish style with a little fancy touch.

The jacket features custom material chosen by the customer. This jacket also features fastening with Golden buttons which compliments the overall look of the jacket.

On the front of the jacket, you will see that it has an amazing and fancy design. It has golden button fastening and a perfect golden lining which looks good with the golden braiding of the jacket. It has two cloth padding on the helm of the jacket which reflects the traditional Highland jacket design. The padding has three decorative vertical lines and buttons.

The golden braided collar is approximately two inches high; however, it is totally customizable as per the choice of our customers. The shoulders are padded and have braided straps embedded. The sleeves of the jacket is customizable according to the requirements of our customers. The cuffs of this jacket are round golden braided with decorative buttons that looks really great.

Red Buff Fancy Doublet Piper Jacket With Gold Trim Features

  • Golden Lining
  • Detailed Braided Collars, Shoulders & Cuffs
  • Golden Button Fastening
  • Detachable Shoulder Shells
  • Custom Fabric As Per Customer’s Choice

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