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Kilts & Hollywood: Top 10 Celebrities Who Rocked the Look!

By Mairi

1 May, 2023

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10. Sean Connery

The late actor and former James Bond was a proud Scotsman who often wore kilts. Connery's iconic style has inspired many to embrace the kilt as a fashionable and cultural statement.

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09. Billy Connolly

The Scottish comedian and actor is known for his love for kilts. Connolly often wears kilts on and off-screen and has become somewhat of a kilt icon.

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08. Bradley Cooper

The A Star is Born actor has never been afraid to experiment with fashion. Cooper wore a kilt to a premiere of his movie, and his unconventional look was a hit with fans.

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07. Liam Neeson

The Taken actor looked sharp in a kilt at a charity event in New York. The black kilt paired with a crisp white shirt made for a sophisticated yet edgy look.

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06. Justin Bieber

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05. Jaden Smith

The young actor and musician proved that kilts are not just for men. Smith wore a skirt-like kilt to the Met Gala and made a bold fashion statement.

Picture Credits: Allure

04. Vin Diesel

The Fast and Furious star surprised everyone when he showed up in a kilt at an event in Scotland. The actor looked dashing in his black kilt paired with a white shirt and jacket.

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03. Sam Heughan

The Outlander star has not only worn kilts on the show but has also made it a part of his personal style. Heughan often pairs his kilt with a sharp blazer and boots.

Picture Credits: Go Fug Yourself

02. Ewan McGregor

Another Scottish actor who proudly flaunts his heritage by wearing kilts. McGregor is known for his bold fashion choices, and the kilt is no exception.

Picture Credits: Eonline

01. Gerard Butler

The Scottish heartthrob made headlines when he appeared in a traditional Scottish kilt at a red carpet event. His rugged good looks paired perfectly with the plaid pattern of his kilt.

Picture Credits: Go Fug Yourself

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