The History of Coronations

By Mairi

April 27, 2023

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What is Coronation?

Coronations are a traditional ceremony that marks the official crowning of a monarch. This ceremony has been practiced for centuries and has evolved over time.

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Ancient Coronations

Ancient coronations were usually religious ceremonies that involved the anointing of the monarch with holy oils. This tradition can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians.

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Medieval Coronations

In the medieval era, coronations were lavish affairs that were attended by hundreds of people. Monarchs were often crowned with elaborate crowns, scepters, and robes.

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The British Coronation

The British coronation is one of the most famous coronations in the world. It is a grand event that involves the monarch taking an oath and being anointed with holy oil.

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The French Coronation

The French coronation was a grand event that was attended by royalty and nobility from all over Europe. The monarch was crowned with a specially made crown and scepter.

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The Russian Coronation

The Russian coronation was a grand event that involved the monarch being crowned with a special crown that weighed over 11 pounds. The crown was so heavy that it was carried by two people.

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The Modern Coronation

In modern times, coronations have become more simplified and are often held in conjunction with other events, such as the inauguration of a president.

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Coronations Around the World

Coronations are not just limited to Europe. Many countries around the world have their own coronation traditions, including Japan, Thailand, and Morocco.

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Controversies and Criticisms

While coronations are steeped in tradition, they have also been met with criticism and controversy. Some people argue that they are outdated and unnecessary, while others have criticized the cost of these events.

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The Enduring Legacy of Coronations

Despite the controversies, coronations remain an important part of history and tradition. They continue to be held in many countries around the world and serve as a symbol of national pride and unity.

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