10 Fascinating Facts About Robert Burns

By Mairi

April 25, 2023

The Bard of Scotland: Robert Burns' Birthplace

Robert Burns was born on January 25, 1759, in the village of Alloway, Ayrshire, Scotland.

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A Man of Many Words: Robert Burns' Education

Despite his humble beginnings, Burns received a good education and was well-read in literature and poetry.

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Singing in the New Year: Robert Burns' Most Famous Work

His most famous work, "Auld Lang Syne," is sung around the world on New Year's Eve, but he also wrote many other poems and songs.

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Love and Fatherhood: Robert Burns' Relationships

Burns had a passion for women and is said to have fathered 12 children with various women throughout his life.

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The Farmer Poet: Robert Burns' Day Job

He was a farmer by trade, but also worked as an excise officer, collecting taxes on goods such as whiskey and tobacco.

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A Voice for the People: Robert Burns' Political Views

Burns was a political activist and wrote several works that expressed his views on social issues, including the rights of women and the poor.

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A Legacy That Lives On: Robert Burns' Death and Celebrations

He died at the age of 37, but his legacy lives on. Burns Night, celebrated on his birthday, is a popular Scottish holiday that involves haggis, whiskey, and recitations of his poems.

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National Hero: Robert Burns' Impact on Scotland

Burns' poetry has been translated into many languages and he is considered a national hero in Scotland.

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A Place Among the Greats: Robert Burns' Statue in Westminster Abbey

His statue stands in Poet's Corner of Westminster Abbey in London, alongside other literary greats such as William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens.

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The Year of Homecoming: Robert Burns' 250th Birthday Celebrations

In 2009, the Scottish government declared it the Year of Homecoming in honor of Burns' 250th birthday, which saw celebrations and events across Scotland and around the world.

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