Custom-Made High Quality Kilts

KiltZone believes in customer satisfaction than anything else. Our Scottish kilts are 100% custom-made and all the instructions that are given by the customer are strictly followed. We have a huge collection of kilts for example, Utility Kilts, Scottish Kilts, hybrid kilts, leather kilts, sport kilt, tactical kilt, great kilt, Tartan Kilts, etc. Our custom-made kilts are made from the finest materials available out there. The information provided by a customer is strictly taken into account. Each manufactured kilt has to go through various stages of testing to make sure that the kilt meet our standards. We've a team of highly skilled kilt makers who work day and night to manufacture a perfect kilt for you. We work really hard to provide our customers with the best kilt shopping experience.  

Why Shop From KiltZone?

You may go to different sites to buy kilts online and you may be wondering why buy from us when there are bunch of other options out there. Well, the reason is simple, we custom-made and do proper checks on each of our manufactured kilt before shipping it to the customers address. Our Usa Kilts are made up of high quality premium fabrics. At KiltZone, we know that fabric plays an important role in kilt making process and that's why we only choose the finest fabrics to manufacture our kilts. We use fabrics such as, Poly Viscose, Leather, Cotton, Nylon and many others. We've a pretty huge list of satisfied customers who only buy their kilts from our website.  

History of the Kilt

The has a rich history that dates back to hundreds of years. It is known that the first appearance of the kilt took place during the 16th Century and it wasn't anything like the kilt that we wear today. Rather, it was a full-length clothing that has an upper half that could be thrown over the shoulder. As time changed and so does the design of the kilt. In around 1720, Modern Kilt (the kilt that we wear nowadays) was invented by a guy named Thomas Rawlinson. He decided to separate them into a much distinct piece of clothing. Later some time, Thomas Rawlinson's associate also started wearing kilts and when the clansmen saw them in their newly invented kilts, they started to wear kilts too and from there it started to became more popular among Highlanders and the Northern Lowlanders. The kilts that we wear today are known as "Modern Kilts". The Modern utility Kilt is available in a variety of different fabrics whereas the traditional kilt only came in Wool fabric. These kilts are crafted with tailored cloth where the pleats are sewn in and features a really durable garment material. Utility Kilt is a type of modern kilt that is crafted with 100% cotton material and features cargo pockets. Utility kilts are the kind of kilts that you can wear in your daily life.