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Best Utility Kilts For Men 2019

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If you are looking for some Utility Kilts to wear this season then you just landed on the right page. Utility kilts provide great comfort because of their light-weight fabric. They are the perfect casual kilts that you can wear anytime you like. By wearing Utility Kilts, you are not only getting comfort but you […]

Everything You Need To Know About Irish Kilts

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Many people think that Irish people don’t wear kilts but that’s completely wrong! They have been wearing kilts for long time now but certainly not as long as the Scottish people. The people of Ireland have been wearing kilts for around the past 100 years while the Scottish kilts have some serious history that dates […]

How To Clean Your Kilt The Right Way

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Kilt is an iconic piece of clothing that is famous all around the globe. Many people when they hear the word “Scotland”, their first thoughts are kilts and highland festivals. The reason why kilts are so popular is that they have a very rich and deep history that dates back to the late 16th century. […]

How Kilt Rentals Are Ripping You Off

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Kilts are becoming very famous right now. Many people are wearing kilts nowadays and not only to Celtic festivities but also to other famous events. Kilts are becoming a fashion icon because of their unique design. Because of such a high demand of kilts, many people tend to go to kilt rentals so that they […]

Everything You Need To Know About Kilt – Complete Guide To Kilt

When you hear the word “Kilt” your mind probably goes directly to Europe, right? Well, if that’s what you thought as well then I’m sorry but it’s not totally correct. The kilt is the traditional dress of Scotland and not the entire Europe. A kilt is a skirt like clothing that wraps around the wearer’s […]

Top 5 Best Tartan Kilts For Men and Women

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Tartan, a pattern or texture made up of horizontal and vertical lines in various colors. Tartan symbolizes the traditional styling of the kilts. In the old days, tartan kilts were originally created using pure wool but now they are made in acrylic wool instead because of low-cost maintenance and handling. We’ve quite a variety of […]